William Howard Taft Fast Facts

William Howard Taft Fast Facts

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William Howard Taft (1857 - 1930) served as America's twenty-seventh president. He was known for the concept of Dollar Diplomacy. He was also the only president to become a Supreme Court Justice, being appointed Chief Justice in 1921 by President Warren G. Harding.

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September 15, 1857


March 8, 1930

Term of Office:

March 4, 1909-March 3, 1913

Number of Terms Elected:

1 Term

First Lady:

Helen "Nellie" Herron
Chart of the First Ladies

William Howard Taft Quote:

"The diplomacy of the present administration has sought to respond to modern ideas of commercial intercourse. This policy has been characterized as substituting dollars for bullets. It is one that appeals alike to idealistic humanitarian sentiments, to the dictates of sound policy and strategy, and to legitimate commercial aims."

Major Events While in Office:

  • Payne-Aldrich Tariff Act (1909)
  • Sixteenth Amendment Ratified (1913)
  • Dollar Diplomacy
  • Antitrust Policy

States Entering Union While in Office:

  • New Mexico (1912)
  • Arizona (1912)

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